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Swagger’s Lounge is a place where our customers can come for first class treatment with a high class style. A place where one can relax in our air conditioned complex. Equipped with a bar, kitchen, TV’s, couches and an entertainment system for live shows, there is always something to do at Swagger's Lounge. We expect our guests to have more fun during their leisure time. We will provide more video and electronic technology per square footage than anyone else in the region. A simple, yet unique, themed menu and atmosphere will create a sense of 'belonging' for locals and tourists alike. Our operating credo is: "happy enthusiastic employees create happy enthusiastic guests."Created to attract young professionals 18 and up, we provide a relaxing environment where one can come and hang out with friends and family. Visitors to the island would find Swagger's Lounge to be a home away from home with an Emerald Isle feel.


Because we will open later than most businesses. One no longer has to stay indoors because there is nothing to do at night. Research done on an average of 100 young Montserratians ages 18 through 35 on island and abroad shows that a lounge is what they are looking for to lively up their experience on Montserrat especially in the down season (after Christmas) to take the load off a long days work and with live entertainment every weekend artist on the island and abroad would get a stage to showcase their talent.


Our programme will include themed performances such as Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, and Caribbean musical genres.  The aim is to provide the tourists with opportunities to relax and enjoy entertainment, dining, and beverages at a well managed business.  This part of our business will cater to the North American and European tourists who will have the need for live music and other performances on a nightly basis, especially when they are on vacation. One of the ways we intend to increase tourist arrivals to Montserrat is through our marketing and advertising activities that focus on reaching the tourists in their homes, work places, and businesses abroad.


Because of the wide variety and options that we have: Swagger’s will have the range of activities that our patrons will want.  Our business will open seven days each week and this will help to bring more funds in as tourists will have more choices.  The longer hours that we will stay open will bring more revenue to the business. Our shows with International artists will draw tourists from other Caribbean islands to Montserrat where each person will have an individual budget of at least $500.  This allocation of funds is expected to include money for the tickets, food, transportation, and accommodation for the night in Montserrat.


Good food and great service are always powerful marketing tools in the word-of-mouth circles. Evidence based research for the tourism market shows that many visitors make their destination choices based on references or stories from friends and relatives.  Once we send a positive message about our business and Montserrat, more people will want to come to our island for the type of vacation we will be supporting. Tourists will be treated well: for example, we will assign staff and contractors to take photos of the tourists when they are at Swagger’s Lounge.  These photos will be posted in the Internet, where friends abroad can view them and follow the fun and good treatment visitors receive.  The photos will be posted in a controlled environment where additional funds can be acquired for the ability to see and print the photos.


Several types of benefits can result from this project.  Frequent shows which will bring in additional business for other businesses around the island, such as hotels and guesthouses which  would gain from this project. When hosting shows we will be working along with hotels and guesthouses on island to acquire rooms for the artist and other visitors, thus renting out more rooms will bring more business to them. Bus drivers and taxis would also benefit from this project, especially at night when buses don’t usually run. Local TV and Radio stations will also benefit drastically from this project. With frequent promotions and advertisements local TV and radio stations will have an increase in advertising sales. Other business that would benefit from this project is; WinAir, Fly Montserrat and other various travel companies on island and abroad. With an increase in visitors to the island to attend our shows there will be in increase in ticket sales. Promotion and advertising means an increase in sales of flyers, banners, business cards and other stationeries for local print shops and stationary stores.  Swagger's Lounge will benefit many both directly and indirectly on the island and abroad.



To attract young professionals, Swaggers Lounge would be headed by two young, business savvy and respectable professionals, Ikbarry White and Omari Skerritt.


The immediate objective is to build a reputable business through superb service and name recognition not only on Montserrat but worldwide. Our long term goals are;

  • To launch the venue with a highly publicized grand opening event.

  • To maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control.

  • To maintain a food cost below 33% of food revenue.

  • To maintain a total beverage cost below 25% of beverage revenue.

  • To exceed $200,000 in annual sales by the third year of plan implementation.

·       An increase of 20% of cliental quarterly

  • to have frequent shows bringing in more well known artists

  • Increased visitors to the island by 2% because of us

  • To offer a low cost highest quality service


We are seeking funds of up to $100,000 to get the business up and running. Our startup capital will be between $60,000 to $80,000 which we are requesting, with the owners investing the additional funds.

Funds would be used to construct a proper complex, sound and video equipment, furniture, building materials, kitchen and bar supplies, a computer system linked to an electronic register to keep track of finances and at the same time link to video and sound equipment and a cash reserve to sustain the business thru the first year. Funds will also cover the cost of advertising and promotions cost as well as inventory.


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